With CALC4XL & Carbon Footprint - Step by step into a great future. Product costing and ecological footprint in one.

We offer your company solutions for effective engagement in sustainability and climate protection.

Calculation according to PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) Guideline of the European Commission:

  • LCIA (Life Cycle Impact Assessment) is performed...
  • ... in IPCC 2021 Standard (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)...
  • ... based on ISO 14040/44 and PAS 2050/2060...
  • ... by means of values for GWP 100 [kgCO2eq] (Global Warming Potential 100 years)
  • Focus on "market" values, which include indirect impacts such as transport.
Life Cycle Assessment and CALC4XL analysis result (example)

Costing and CO2e Data sets for 170 industrial parks worldwide, 6 industries and 18 product types

  • 850 Country Datasets (footprint costs, energy, imputed interest, soil sealing)
  • 143,050 Overheads / Indirect Emissions Sets (Material, Manufacturing, Sales, Administration, Development)
  • 3,060 Wage Sets (direct wage, employer‘s contribution) in 3 qualification levels
  • 1,041 Machines (name, description, investment, installation, basic environmental impact, footprint, soil sealing, energy, maintenance and machine specific data)
  • 2,992 Material CO2e market values and indicative prices (mainly steel and plastic including semi-finished products)
  • as well as packaging, logistics and
  • cycle time calculators

Our goal: To visualise, quantify and reduce the environmental impact of products.

Cost & Environmental Control of the Entire Supply Chain

Product costing analysis and automatic CO2 analysis simultaneously in one calculation

Example Product costing and Carbon footprint calculation

The Excel Addin for Product costing & Carbon footprint

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