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CALC4XL - product costing and ecological footprint in one for everyone: understandable, smart, safe, affordable, stand-alone, fully Excel integrated and Microsoft certificated.
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Negotiate better through transparent figures

With CALC4XL, purchasers, controllers and sales staff are strengthened for upcoming price negotiations, conduct effective supplier benchmarking and convince with comprehensible product calculations. The comprehensible calculation schemes, manufacturing process calculators and worldwide benchmark data enable the detection of cost and carbon footprint drivers and thus offer efficient design optimization.

From practice for practice

CALC4XL was born out of many years of experience in industrial costing. The question was: Why do specialized costing tools always have to be so complex and expensive, when studies show that most practitioners in this field still work with Excel?

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CALC4XL Product Costing -Calculations made easy

  • Fast installation without IT hurdles
  • Familiar Excel working environment
  • Exchange with all Excel users
  • Worldwide benchmark database
    • Country and overhead costs
    • Machine costs
    • International labor costs
    • Material and volume calculator
    • Manufacturing processes (cycle times)
  • Central knowledge database
    • Pre-calculated components
    • Your Excel templates and data
  • Accompanying consulting
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CALC4XL & Carbon Footprint -Step by step to a great future

Calculation according to PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) Guideline of the European Commission:

  • LCIA (Life Cycle Impact Assessment) is performed...
  • ... in IPCC 2021 Standard (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)...
  • ... by means of values for GWP 100 [kgCO2eq] (Global Warming Potential 100 years)
  • Focus on "market" values, which include indirect impacts such as transport.

The product costing content...

  • full cost database with benchmark data for countries, overheads, wages, machines
  • various manufacturing process cycle time calculators
  • calculation schemes for components and assemblies - comprehensible and individually adaptable
  • pre-calculated components as templates

The carbon footprint content...

  • CO2 database with footprint costs for countries, material, machines
  • calculation according to PEF (Product Environmental Footprint)
  • focus on "market" values, which include indirect impacts such as transport
  • output of environmental impact* of cradle-to-gate w/o any additional effort for user

The Excel approach...

  • CALC4XL is stand-alone yet transparently integrated into Excel (add-in)
  • no IT hurdles, ready to use in 10 seconds
  • modifiable and extensible by your Excel know-how and own templates of any file type
  • no additional application complexity

The additional features...

  • complete security through our patented rights and role system on every Excel cell
  • multilingual (German/English)
  • create secure, company-wide Excel templates via the CALC4XL template module
  • multi-user, offline as well as completely online capable

The integration...

  • fully modularized - use CALC4XL as a complete system or integration of individual data sets and modules in existing solution
  • integrated throughout - Excel interfaces to all common SW systems (SAP, Oracle, Navision, etc.)
  • free CALC4XL viewer - calculation exchange in Excel

Be part of it…

  • we accompany your product cost calculations and cost engineering projects
  • we carry out product cost calculations
  • we offer various workshops and contacts to our costing expert network.
  • exchange information on our platform

Industry 4.0

  • affordable, understandable solution to activate all employees/departments
  • cross-company knowledge domain for digital exchange of benchmark data and manufacturing process computers
  • highly customizable software to meet requirement of Industry 4.0 dynamics ... Costing 4.0: Internet of Things interfaces for digital costing of the entire value chain

What you see is what you get…

CALC4XL - test it now 30 days for free!

Customer success with CALC4XL

AXOR hansgrohe
Basler AG
EBIT engineers
Faiveley Transport
Fonton Daimler Automotive
GGS Engineering Services
Hoffmann Group
IAC Partners
Joysonquin Automotive Systems
KK Wind Solutions
Mercedes-Benz Fujian
P3 Group
PA Consulting UK
RLE International
Rosendahl NEXTRON
University of Edinburgh

With CALC4XL, purchasers and sales staff are strengthened for upcoming price negotiations with supplier partners. They perform effective benchmarking and convince with transparent, reproducible and easy-to-follow product calculations.

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Our wide range of services will help you achieve your version of success.

CALC4XL supports companies in times of massive change in order to position themselves future-proof at the top in global competition. From consulting to training, we have a comprehensive suite of services to ensure our clients' success. Our team has the depth and experience in accounting, technology and manufacturing to address your unique needs and challenges when implementing an enterprise-level costing solution.

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